CommUnity in Dialogue

CommUnity in Dialogue is a project which aims at promoting diverse groups in the community coming together to share their experiences and build positive connections and support networks in the local community i.e. Woodingdean, Brighton.

Before the pandemic started, I have been offering regular group sessions at the Holy Cross drop in for mums of young children. These sessions have highlighted the needs for mums to share their experiences, reflect on their challenges, offer each other advise and support and reduce social isolation.

The focus of the group conversations has been on the rewards and challenges of being a parent, self-care and self-love, love and compassion. These sessions will resume as soon as the current restrictions will be lifted.

If you are interested in exploring some opportunities to facilitate dialogue for different groups in the community I will be delighted to hear from you.

Please get in touch if you are interested in this. If you are able to form a group you will get your place for half price!