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Welcome to Rainbow Family Therapy Services!

We are a well-established organisation in Brighton and Sussex, offering highly professional therapy services to families, couples, individuals and organisations.
Our therapeutic services include family therapy, ecotherapy, group work, systemic supervision, systemic training and tailor-made support to organisations.
We are also developing community-based services via Rainbow CommUnity Projects based on re-connecting to Nature and each other, promoting diversity, dialogue and resilience in the local community. For more information about EcoTherapy visit www.rainbowcommunityprojects.co.uk

Therapy and Covid-19

At this troubling time I am able to offer online therapy to individuals, couples and families using the phone or via Zoom, an online video calling platform. This is an unusual way of doing therapy; however, it can be as effective as face to face therapy. It does present with some specific challenges which I am happy to discuss with you personally if you are considering therapy at this time. I am also offering Ecotherapy, i.e. individual, couple or family sessions in nature with social distancing in Woodingdean, Brighton BN2 6DD except during lockdown. 

Please get in touch to explore Online or Ecotherapy.

Our aims...

Rainbow Services aim at providing the following:

  • Easy and friendly access to low-cost family therapy for all families in the community regardless of class, cultural background, race and wealth.
  • Tailor-made therapeutic services for children who have experienced early attachment and developmental trauma, and present complex emotional and behavioural issues such as angry outbursts, aggressive and abusive behaviours, low mood and depression, high anxiety, distress and emotional dysregulation.
  • Highly specialist post-adoption services.
  • Group work and opportunities for dialogue to promote positive relationships within families, between different groups in the community and reduce social isolation by developing families networks
  • Systemic supervision and training for professionals and organisations who are passionate about systemic thinking and relationship building.

Our ambitions...

Our ambitions are to become a leading organisation in developing tailor-made professional services that serve families’ needs for therapeutic support through innovative ways of delivering therapy

Our ethos...

  • Making therapy accessible to all, providing highly professional and specialistic therapeutic interventions to individuals, couples and families
  • Respecting, Valuing, Celebrating, Diversity through Dialogue.

"We live in a rainbow of chaos..."


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Services Offered

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If are concerned about someone in your family or your community or are looking for tailor-made support for your organisation please contact us to find out how Rainbow Family Therapy Services can help you today! If you have a community project in mind and have skills in outdoor activities, yoga, performing arts, mindfulness, music and dancing please get in touch to discuss how we can make it happen!

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