Family Therapy

My approach

My style of therapy is collaborative, creative and empowering. The way I look at problems, difficulties or concerns is relational as it acknowledges the importance of relationships in our lives, how key significant people in our family of origin or carers shape our current and future relationships. This is why this approach is also called systemic, considering how human systems function and can change toward a more positive future. 

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Eco-Family Therapy

Significant relationships can hinder or promote our well-being, they can be a source of conflict, concern or unhappiness as well as a source of support, resilience and growth.

There are times in our lives when relationships can become a burden, generating painful feelings, unhappiness and disappointment. This is the time when people may seek external help to find new ways of being with each other, which are more positive, constructive, supportive towards personal growth and positive change.

I am keen to explore how different family members might experience their being part of the family and their views about what is seen as “the problem” and help them find their own solutions, using a strength-based approach.

A systemic approach also takes into consideration how family beliefs and values shape our experiences and relationships; the influence of “context” i.e. how multiple influences including wider socio-economic-political influences, expectations and meanings, associated with our own age, gender, race, culture, sexuality, impact on our life opportunities, positions in families and the wider society.


How does it work?

After your first contact, I will offer an initial telephone consultation at a convenient time to explore the presenting concerns and reasons for seeking help. We will also discuss who is coming to the first session e.g. the whole family, the referrer, parents with or without children depending on what arrangements feel most appropriate.  

If we both think that I could offer a suitable service, we will meet for an initial consultation session where your difficulties can be discussed in more depth and if you decide to continue with the therapy sessions, we will identify specific therapeutic goals which can meet your needs and expectations. I will ask clients to commit to at least 8 sessions to see some changes or discuss a way forward if ineffective. I will be keen to hear your feedback during and after each session. 

Family sessions normally take place in Woodingdean, Brighton or at an alternative agreed venue. Currently therapy can only be provided online and in nature with social distancing if appropriate and agreed after a consultation.   

My fees are £70 per hour. You can pay by bank transfer. Other fees can be agreed through negotiation. 

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