Intercultural Couple & Family Therapy

If you are struggling with issues related more specifically to cultural differences and how it may affect relationships, I will be glad to explore with you how to best help using my knowledge and experience of moving to UK from Italy more than 20 years ago.

Couple work

There are specific challenges when couples have a different cultural background from each other. Cultural differences can enhance relationships as well as negatively impact on mutual understanding due to different cultural beliefs, values and traditions as well as the complexity of negotiating those differences in relationships.

This may become especially challenging when becoming parents and considering the implications for their children with dual heritage, the fear of difference and racism outside their own family.

Children and young people may need help in developing an understanding of their complex identities and negotiating relationships in other contexts e.g. school and peer groups.

Furthermore, the current socio-political climate may add to people’s anxiety about their future as individuals, couples, and family and the complexity of factors in decision making to secure their future.