“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.”

(Marcel Proust)

"You don't develop courage by being happy in your relationships everyday. You develop it by  surviving difficult times and challenging adversity" (Epicurus) 

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psycho-educational group work

This section aims at providing information about group work to Local Authorities, Children's Centres and other commissioners e.g. GPs in order to consider group work as a cost-effective form of intervention. 

Psycho-educational groups combine an educational and therapeutic approach to specific issues often rooted or compounded by poor mental health e.g. anxiety, depression and social isolation and unsupportive or abusive adult relationships. It offers focused group discussions and aims at addressing specific issues by promoting skills acquisition through individual and group learning. Through this form of support members will gain new knowledge and insights into their issues, a positive experience of group learning, a safe environment where to share personal experiences, develop new relationships and improve psychological and emotional well-being.


I am passionate about group and have developed over the years excellent leading group skills using a systemic approach. This acknowledges the importance of mutual influence, circular communication patterns, new relationships developing in the group, helps recognise ways of interacting with others which relate to previous experiences in other contexts, e.g. family of origin, education, other group experiences. Examples of group work on specific issues are the following:

  • Self esteem
  • Domestic abuse
  • Child to parent violence (NVR)
  • Adoption issues
  • Emotional literacy

I can design and deliver group programmes according to specific needs. Please contact me to discuss.

Over four years I have designed and developed a self-esteem group programme for mothers with low self-esteem in the context of child protection and children in need. The programme has proven very effective in offering a non-blaming and supportive service for mothers to gain confidence in their ability and skills, promote their children's self-esteem, and overcome stigmatization and isolation in the community.


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See article on working systemically in groups 


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