Feedback from adoptive parents:

“ We really enjoyed working with Chiara. She was warm and non-judgmental in her approach and although she imparted some of her knowledge the sessions really felt more like she was helping us to reflect on our own knowledge, skills and strengths to empower us to work better together in parenting our children in the most positive way. The work around curiosity and empathy helped me the most to reframe children’s behaviour. My partner remembers the acceptance and playfulness sessions as the most useful. We both valued the reflective space which allowed us to think about how we best work together and what we can (practically) do to help one another more. Our situation now with the children is that we feel we have more knowledge and understanding. We would highly recommend her.” (B & M)

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Feedback from same sex parents 

“I have previously been resistant to therapeutic support as can sometimes find it difficult to be hugely reflective as I am a little more impulsive. Chiara made me feel very comfortable from the start and like she was a ‘good match’ for me and my family. I felt that I could talk about anything and in any way I wanted to. I didn’t have to feel guarded to share what was on my mind. It was very refreshing to have this support in my family. I think we just feel very grounded as a family now and with a clear path for where we are all heading. We all feel very united. We had a particularly powerful session where we had a family session with our older daughter. It was led brilliantly, and we all got to share our thoughts in a safe and supported space. We all felt great after it!” (K & C)

Feedback from online Therapeutic Parenting group participant

I would like to say how much I enjoyed our weeks together exploring Therapeutic Parenting. I have learnt a great deal from Chiara’s teaching as well as from co- participant’s knowledge and experiences. I felt privileged and grateful to share our virtual sessions with such expressive and ‘wonderfull’ people.

I love Dan Hughes PACE model which has a simplicity yet many layers which crossover and entwine. It is, I feel accessible to all parents and grandparents.

The different ways of check-ins to start the sessions have also helped me to enhance my practice and open connections. Your use of a ball of wool to demonstrate entanglement, complexities, I will definitely use!

I look forward to sharing my learning, not only when supporting families, but when guiding my children as parents and through the delight of grandparenting!

I highly recommend the group to anyone, parent, grandparent, professional!

Feedback from other professionals

“Chiara has been a trainer and tutor at the Institute of Family Therapy for many years. I have had the pleasure of working alongside her and have found her organsied, creative and thoughtful approach invaluable”. (Chair of Graduate Certificate Courses in Systemic Practice) 

“Many thanks for taking forward this innovative way of supporting us in our profession” (Social worker from Personal and Professional Development Group)

“I have really enjoyed the opportunity to meet in a multidisciplinary forum to discuss various issues related to practice. I have found it helpful in thinking about my own professional identity and how I can be more creative in my practice”. (Clinical psychologist from Personal and Professional Development Group)

“Chiara is a trustworthy, methodical and sensitive therapist. She has worked with a range of clients over the years I have known her and is a reliable and professional practitioner”. (Rachel, psychodynamic counsellor, ex colleague)

“Chiara uses a relaxed informal supervisory style. I found her positive, encouraging and emotionally supportive throughout. Chiara knows her subject material well and is able to pass that on to her students”. (Art Therapist and supervisee from the Family Therapy Team)

“Chiara’s style of supervision is one of openness, promoting reflexivity, and gently challenging. She has helped me build confidence in my skills giving me the space and freedom to learn. I believe she has achieved this by her ability to create a safe space for her trainees”. (Psychiatrist and systemic trainee from the Family Therapy Team)

“I recently attended Chiara’s ‘Systemic Bites’ workshops. I found them engaging, thought provoking and helpful in my counselling work with individuals and families. Chiara’s experience combined with her approachable manner quickly established both a rigorous and a safe working environment. The atmosphere was one of open enquiry leading to creative outcome.”  (S.S.  MBACP snr accred counsellor)