Therapy for Adopters

There are times when adopting a child can highlight differences and dilemmas in the couple that may be difficult to identify or explore. Often couples who decide to adopt may have tried to have children of their own and struggled with infertility. Sometimes same sex couples may consider different options before deciding to adopt.

The adoption process can be intense and stressful as prospective adopters need to be assessed and approved by the adoption panel. The matching process can be equally stressful, unpredictable and lengthy. Once the child is adopted the couple enters a sea change as they adjust to become parents and learn to become a family. This may take some time and may have a huge impact on the couple relationship. Prioritising the child’s needs becomes all consuming and exhausting and little energy is left to focus on parents as a couple. If the couple does not seek support early on, difficulties in the couple relationship may become entrenched as they may become emotionally distant and unable to support each other in a very demanding parenting task.   

I am happy to provide therapy to couples at any stage of the adoption process in order to support them through their difficulties and re-connect with each other emotionally as a couple.

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