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"You don't develop courage by being happy in your relationships everyday. You develop it by  surviving difficult times and challenging adversity" (Epicurus) 

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News: Online therapy

At this troubling time I am able to offer online therapy to individuals, couples and families using the phone or an online video calling platform called Zoom. This is recommended by my professional body to ensure security and protect confidentiality.  This is an unusual way of doing therapy; however, it can be as effective as face to face therapy. It does present with some specific challenges which I am happy to discuss with you personally if you are considering therapy at this time. Please get in touch. 

News: free parenting resources & mini-blogs

At this difficult time when the CoronaVirus is affecting us all in so many different ways, I would like to focus my heart and mind on children, young people, families, those who are most at risk for being elderly or living with an existing illness or condition. At this time of public anxiety and concern for our health, our livelihoods and our own way of life, I also wish to share my hope for change, my wish that we can support each other and promote generosity, kindness and community spirit in whatever small way we can. My little contribution is to offer free parenting resources and mini-blogs. 

I hope you will find these resources useful at this particularly challenging and worrying time.  I will welcome your feedback to improve and develop new resources to benefit a larger number of people. I would be grateful if you spare a moment to write something here below (Comments). Thank you 

parenting resources


I am a community-based family therapist trying to support children and families at this challenging time. Parents have suddenly become also teachers and therapists. I have therefore developed some resources for parents of children aged 4 to 12 (Rainbow Resources). Please use them flexibly and adapt them to your specific needs. I will also share other resources which you may find useful.

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  • Kate Smith (Tuesday, March 31 20 03:08 pm BST)

    These are so thoughtful and kind during this isolating time. I really like the craft idea and recipe. We did the collage of our week 1 at the weekend and it was great.
    I would particularly like some information on:
    New ideas to do with our son that connect us each week - an outdoor thing if possible as he loves being in the garden
    How to keep things fresh in our family life when we only have the house and garden and not much headspace. I can foresee that over weeks and months, the routine will become pretty boring.
    Ways to keep talking to our son about the virus that aren’t frightening but keeps it in his mind - the cleaning idea was fab. He doesn’t like washing his hands (sensory stuff), so any tips on making that possible for him would be amazing.

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Rainbow parenting resources

CoronaVirus (CV) First Aid Kit
Rainbow Resources. This file offers some practical ideas about starting home life at a very worrying time.
CV First Aid Kit 1.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [12.2 MB]
Children need to know that they have done ok this week in spite of the challenges. Asking them how the week was without expecting them to say to it was all ok but giving them the opportunity to also identify and say what was difficult , and went wrong it can open up a conversations to gauge their true feelings. It can also be done with a simple white board in the kitchen or living room or putting together a few photos and symbols of the activities they enjoyed the most or refused to do!
Microsoft Power Point presentation [228.6 KB]
These Rainbow resources are about adjusting to life @ home, managing stress and overwhelming anxiety, developing new routines. There are also some family activities that can keep you and your children busy and active.
CV 2 Life@home Tips activities.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [13.2 MB]

Other useful resources 

CV cartoons for children.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [555.4 KB]
How to explain CoronaVirus to children - resource provided by Deborah Topp, Counsellor
Explaining Coronavirus to kids by DT.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [234.2 KB]
CV TouchBase tips.jpg
JPG image [327.0 KB]


This is also time for reflection and time for staying connected with each other to counteract the effects of self-isolation. I will share some mini-blogs, short and visual as sometimes too many words can be overwhelming. 

New file download

My first blog!

My first mini-blog! Mother's Day

Mar 27, 2020
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