Ecotherapy Group Work

We live in a naturally beautiful area of the UK which offers many opportunities to be immersed in nature through the sea, the beach, the white cliffs, the round hills and rivers, the grazing meadows and the woodlands. At a time of climate crisis it’s becoming increasing important to help each other appreciate and protect Nature. 

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Nature is very generous and giving and has endless gifts and healing powers to offer e.g. reduced stress levels, lower heart rate and cortisol levels by simply being immersed in nature which is now recognised by research.

This group is for nature lovers, people who wish to reconnect with nature and each other by sharing their experiences of being in nature, for those who wish to increase their emotional wellbeing and restore mental health, people who would like to meet others in a safe and nurturing environment.

The 1.5 hour group sessions will include spending time in nature (weather permitting) engaging in nature based practices e.g mindfulness exercises, walk and talk, natural art work, and sharing experiences in the group. It will offer the opportunity to relax your body and mind, feel restored and nourished. 

The group will run weekly for 6 weeks in the Natural Reserve at Beacon Hill, Rottingdean, Brighton. The programme is subject to a minimum of 6-8 participants.

Ecotherapy Group Online - Testimonials

I got a great deal from the group and how it shaped those weeks for me. You brought a lot of energy and imagination to the work and I really enjoyed the invitations you presented to us especially around connecting directly with nature and ourselves in relation to nature, such as checking in as something in nature (mine was ‘a mossy boulder’!), focussing on specific element of nature: trees, water, the seasons, visualisations and the Sit-Spot.  

 The course has been very important to me in these early weeks of my retirement, really helping me to recognise how important it is to me personally to connect with nature regularly, as part of my everyday life, and the outcomes of this are many and varied: to do with my sense of wellbeing and aliveness, and feeding my art and my deepening shamanic practices. And as all these are nurtured, so my desire and motivation for action and campaigning for the care of the Earth naturally deepens. That’s how it feels it works for me! (S-J)

 I loved my ecotherapy course, having an idea of my therapeutic goal early on in the course allowed me to take from it what I wanted, it has given me a lot to reflect on and some tools to use and pass on. (J)

If you wish to reconnect to Nature and to others please get in touch to discuss further. If you are interested in creating a group you will have the place for half the price.