Systemic Publications

A note from our founder Chiara Santin

I have considerable experience in teaching and training systemic theories and skills as I have been teaching since 2008. I am visiting lecturer for the Tavistock, currently teaching on the Foundation and Intermediate course in Brighton. I am also a lecturer and tutor with Frontline, a social work training organisation, which is training social workers in the whole UK.

Prior to this I was a lecturer and tutor at the Institute of Family Therapy, London, for four years teaching for the Graduate Certificate in Systemic Practice, between 2008 and 2013. I also taught the Foundation Course for a social care agency based in London through the Tavistock in 2014.

I have delivered several systemic workshops in Jersey for the local Association of Family Therapy on systemic theories and skills between 2015-2018 which helped to create interest in systemic practice and led to establishing the foundation Course now offered by the Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust. I have developed a tailor-made training programme in systemic practice for children’s homes in East Sussex and fostering agencies.

I am passionate about systemic ideas and creativity and I love writing. Over the years I have published several papers on the national Family Therapy magazine, Context,  in Human Systems and Murmurations, as follows:



Muddles and struggles of a trainee researching race and culture: implications for family therapy training

Context, 97

(June 2008)

My journey across systemic training: from ugly duckling to elegant swan


December 2009

There is no such a thing as the perfect question


April 2011

A training tutorial on solution-focused therapy: a forum of voices sharing their reflections


February 2012

Working systemically with groups


June 2012

A troubled family therapist undercover: Some reflections on working with ‘troubled families’ in a statutory agency


February 2014

Ethical dilemmas and challenges of a supervision group in a statutory service


August 2014

Through the haziness of what is systemic: a critical self-reflective question


December 2015

Dominant discourses about change and the impact of restructuring on power relations in public services in UK

Human systems: the journal of therapy, consultation and training 2016

vol 26(2): 221-238

Migration as intergenerational emotional homelessness: a personal story

Human systems: the journal of therapy, consultation and training 2016

vol 27(3): 289-294

Un-professional hug


October 2018

My English professional self lost in translation with an Italian client

Murmurations, 2018

vol 1(2)

The FUN Multi-group Family therapy project


February 2019

Being systemic as a way of life: reflections on a trip to China

Murmurations, 2019

vol 2(1)

I have also presented at national and international conferences on a variety of topics as follows:


Title of presentation



International Conference on Bridging the gap between Science and Art

From biological systems to human systems: art as a language to expand therapeutic possibilities.

Sirolo(Ancona), Italy

May 2014

Association of Family Therapy National conference

Workshop on “Kiting in the park: working creatively with adoptive families”

Dunblane, Scotland

September 2017

International conference on Social Services in Europe

A systemic analysis of key dominant discourses about change and the impact of restructuring processes on power relations in a statutory child protection agency in UK


November 2014

SEPAN (South East Post Adoption Network) Conference on Adoption disruption

The NVR approach to child to parent violence and a pilot project with adoptive families in East Sussex


November 2014

First National conference on NVR (Non-violent Resistance) Approach

Successes, Failures and unexpected outcomes: a case study on NVR with an adoptive family


November 2014

Association of Family Therapy National conference

Workshop on being a political activist


September 2015

European Association of Family Therapy International conference

Workshop 1: Taking therapy outdoor: a pilot project

Workshop 2: Working in people’s homes: the reversed ethics of hospitality


September 2019

If you are interested in tailor-made training sessions, whole day, half a day or 2-3 hours I will be delighted to discuss your needs.