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At this time of fears, anxiety, invisible threats, grieving, physical and social isolation, concern for ourselves and humanity, the comfort of family, friends, pets, the rediscovered connection with Nature, poverty, injustice, racism, discrimination and structural inequality hitting harder those who are already feeling silenced, marginalised, worthless, are old new realities.  

Olympic circles

Date: Wednesday 15 July 2020 18.00 to 20.00

Venue: Online

Ticket price £25.39

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About the event 

More than ever we are forced into reflection and revision. Revisiting old memories of places, people we have encountered throughout our lives may trigger the soul-searching question “What matters?” What matters in our personal and professional lives? What matters in our families and the families we work with, our wider profession, our local communities, our wider social worlds and politics? What matters in nature, the planet, our shared humanity and the universe?

This experiential workshop is inspired by Karen Barad, a feminist philosopher, Gail Simon and Leah Salter, systemic thinkers. Through some of their writings I will be sharing my reflections on my past and present embodied experience (transmaterial entanglements) of my (in)significant journey into my small world asking myself: What if the mountains, the rocks, the air where I walked, climbed, sweat, rest, admired, breathed could tell my story? What if the streams I crossed, I touched, I listened to could tell my story? What if the stars I saw in the sky some nights when I was a child could tell my story?

This workshop is an invitation to join in this exploration. Let your imagination run wild into nature, people and places. Let your body move and tell its story. Let the people you have encountered, the places you have been, the smell of your family home, the air you have breathed, the stars and the skies you have watched, the friends you have played with, the pets you have loved ……..tell their story about you and the endless entanglements between the material world and living beings throughout your life! What would our clients say about moments of connection beyond words, some frozen pictures of ourselves online, what is moving us and them to the next question, the next breath, the next conversation?And finally ask ourselves the inescapable question: What matters in our small becoming bigger worlds during and beyond the pandemic?

This is the first of a series of some experiential and creative workshops for systemic thinkers and practitioners who would like to come together to share their experiences, reflections in a creative way.

This a fund-raising event to support families and give them free access to Eco-Family Therapy in the community, Woodingdean, Brighton.


An online event hosted by Rainbow CommUnity Projects, Chiara Santin, Systemic & Family Psychotherapist supervisor & trainer

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