Fundraising to Help Families in Crisis

Chiara Santin, family therapist and founder of Rainbow Family Therapy is fundraising to help make Eco Family Therapy accessible to children and families who have been adversely affected by the COVID-19 crisis through fundraising platform ‘Start some good’. She hopes to raise £1,000.

Eco-Family Therapy

The money will be used to support the delivery of Eco Family therapy which is an outdoor ‘safe space’ where families can process the, often traumatic, experience of living through the current COVID-19 crisis.

Many families are experiencing hardship and difficulty at unprecedented levels and it is these people who will most benefit from the Eco Family Therapy but are not able to afford it. The EcoFamily Therapy will encourage dialogue and promote positive relationships and resilience within families and their wider communities.

All the money raised will go towards helping the families who need it most.

Find out more about Eco Family Therapy

Donate now to help a family vulnerable to the effects of the pandemic and the economic crisis (link)


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