Nature > Nurture Day for Adopters Saturday 26/09/20 @ 10am-3.00pm, Woodingdean, Brighton


A day in Nature to refresh, recharge and meet other adopters. This nurturing day is run by myself in collaboration with Barbara Bond, an experienced nurse, a skilled Shiatsu Practioner and a senior student Qi Gong teacher. Barbara is trained in both Western and Eastern approaches to health. She is passionate about taking a holistic approach to wellbeing and helping people to adopt practises that they can easily learn and sustain in their lifestyles. She is very skilled and I immediately thought that her knowledge and skills could be so useful to you and your children.

We, therefore, have organised together this nurturing day where you will also learn new tools that you can use with your children. I hope you will consider this reflective and self-care space which can benefit you physically, emotionally and spiritually!


The day will be a combination of walking and talking in nature, Shiatsu and Qi Gong practices, experiential exercises, sharing in pairs or the whole group. Barbara Bond will be leading the group in some gentle, nurturing movement which will help to ground you and also connect you with the world around you. She will also teach you some techniques that you can use yourself and with your partner and children. These exercises are based in the Chinese practice of Qi Gong and are a type of moving meditation. They are easy to learn but also very powerful in supporting wellbeing.

Due to Covid the event will be run for a small group of 6 couples or up to 12 single adopters following the Government guidelines of social distancing. Being in Nature will greatly reduce the risk. However, due to weather we might have to book an indoor venue too.

Unfortunately this event will not be covered financially by the Adoption Support Fund so it’s £50 per person or £80 per couple. In order to make it financially viable for us we will need to have at least 10 people.  Please book your place by contacting me directly and please spread the word! Thank you!

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